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   Chambio is a total solution provider specialized in providing branded ingredient, customized formula, and OEM/ODM Service. As a long term business partner with DSM, Kemin, Lallemand, Mitsubishi, and over 20+ well-known brand ingredient manufacturer in the world, we are experienced to provide the most advantage products came with strong scientific background.

   From the distributing experience, we discovered some requirements are not be able to be fulfilled by existing manufactures, thus we decided to create our own ingredients as well as unique product type. For example, we have developed a vegan krill oil called AlgaRED™ came from algae with high concentration of DHA + EPA + Astaxanthin.

   A carbohydrate free MCT oil powder for the high level slim fit bulletproof coffee KetoMaster™. Probifresh™ is a seamless soft capsule containing herbal extracts and probiotics for oral care.

   Chambio is always committed to provide the best quality and comprehensive of Health care/supplement products and services.


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  • ProbiOral
    ProbiOral is a minty “popping” seamless soft capsule mouth refresher which contains of heat-sealed L. plantarum L-137. The shocking mint delivers instant fresh mouth breath and L-137 keeps mouth healthy at the same time; clinical study shows that L-137 can trigger the regeneration of periodontal tissues.
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  • AlgaRED (Vegan Krill Oil)
    AlgaRED is a “vegan” krill oil powder from algae rich in DHA, EPA, and astaxanthin. The fundamental of AlgaRED is that its omega-3s are coated with amphotropic matrix, whereas krill oil is exposured to the air. This distinction has different implications of water-solubility, bioavailability, and application.
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