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Eggnovo's eggshell membrane, the only source of collagen for vegetarians!

Eggnovo is a bio-tech based company that focuses on the research and  development of eggshell membrane ingredients like OVOMET® (joints, tendons and ligaments), OVODERM® (skin health and beauty), OVOPET® (animal health). Each of them has proven its efficacy through well designed clinical studies.

Eggnovo also supplies OVOCET®, a highly bio-available source of organic calcium.

These ingredients can be applied for the nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

This highly effective ingredient, based on its high purity and natural origin, obtains these amazing results through the synergetic effect of its unique biomoleculair composition. It contains in a natural way around a 30% of collagen20% of elastin4-6% of hyaluronic acidglucosamine and chondroitin both 2% and other interesting bio-molecules like KeratinLisozyme

All the clinical studies have been carried out with only 300 mg per day, a huge advantage not only when referring to other ingredients in these sectors, but also when formulating with its really low daily dosage

Pass by our booth and let yourself be informed by one of our technicians about our ingredients and its clinical studies (more than 20) and see for yourself why more than 150 products, all over the world have been developed with OVOMET®OVODERM®and OVOPET®.


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