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Graminex® is the only producer of non-solvent Flower Pollen Extract™ and delivers standardized product free from allergens, pesticides, and solvents. Graminex® is cGMP certified, QAI Organic Processing Certified with bulk products that are Kosher/Pareve certified. Flower Pollen Extract™ offers clinically supported applications including prostate health and urinary function, proper immune system health and menopausal support. Flower Pollen Extract™ is a source for the 10 essential and non-essential amino acids, antioxidants, and phytosterols. Applications include pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages. Graminex® offers products from raw pollen extracts, powders, tablets or capsules to finished retail goods for private or branded labels.


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  • G60WS Mixed Berry Beverage
    Graminex® G60WS® Mixed Berry PE™ Beverage is a water enhancement formula that contains Graminex G60WS® Flower Pollen Extract™, targeting added value consumers for post sports recovery, immune and urinary health. G60WS® Flower Pollen Extract™ is a clarified water soluble raw material that is standardized for Amino Acid Content.
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