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Passion for Nature
LiquaDry’s goal is to produce shelf stable juice powders without changing the wholesome color, flavor and nutritional value that nature provides. We want to make the world a healthier place for you, your family, and your customers — one harvest at a time.

How it Began
Our quest to preserve all the nutritional qualities of fresh botanicals began with Elend LeBaron’s belief that the best nutrition is provided by nature. Elend grew up in the nutritional supplement industry, harvesting and drying wild crafted herbs. In 1996, he invented his first ambient temperature spray-dryer. In February of 1999, Elend started LiquaDry, where he continued to improve his drying technology.

Ambient Temperature Process
At LiquaDry, Elend developed BioActive Dehydration™, an ambient temperature spray-drying process that is so gentle and retains fresh qualities so well, that when our juice powders are reconstituted into water, they are virtually identical to fresh juice.

Certified Organic Farms
Along with the process, the environment in which the plant grows determines the quality of our products. LiquaDry’s certified organic farms located in the ancient seabed of Utah’s West Desert. This remarkable farm ground has runoff from a watershed of millions of acres of wilderness in central Utah. This runoff has been evaporating in our valley for many thousands of years, depositing a rare abundance of trace minerals.

Growing and Harvesting
With this mineral rich soil, we can grow healthy crops with superior nutritional content. We then take great care to ensure that our grasses are harvested at their optimal maturity for peak nutritional content.

The Result
It is our pleasure to offer you a powder that retains the color, flavor, aroma, and nutrients of fresh botanicals; Grown in mineral rich farms, harvested when the grass is young, and processed in ambient temperature. Done right, and kept alive.


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