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ROELMI HPC is the partner company to drive innovation in the Health & Personal Care markets.

ROELMI HPC is research, planning, development and production of functional, active and performance ingredients. Those through cutting-edge technologies driven by innovation in the green chemistry and by the will of building perfect models of circular economy.

Moreover, ROELMI HPC supports the customer within formulation, production and selling of tailor made finished products in the Health & Personal Care and Medical Devices. By this way, it reaches the highest quality level and the total safety for the final consumer.

Thanks to its long experience, ROELMI HPC deals with the market by a scientific method based on recognized quality, passion, targeted research and tested solutions.

The main objective for ROELMI HPC is to create innovation following philosophies of respect for the environment, bio-diversity preservation and use of sustainable sources (NIP® PROGRAM “No Impact in Progress”).


Via Celeste Milani 24/26

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  • SynBalance KeepCalm
    High potency probiotics complex (LR –PBS072, BB-BB077) to improve cognitive function and manage stress through positive influence of gut-brain-axis. In-vitro efficacy in inhibiting epigenetic (stress related) enzyme LSD1 and promotion of GABA & Serotonin release. Incoming clinical results on 60 university students, recruited during exam period because affected by stress
  • SynBalance ProBeautyShield
    Multispecies probiotic (LP-PBS067, LR-PBS072, LRh-LRH020) designed for counteracting skin inflammation from within through gut-skin axis interactions. Effective against atopic dermatitis symptoms, improves moisturization and water retention and switches-off local inflammation. Significant and visible results already after 28 days of treatment and efficacy permanence long-term after the end of intake.
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