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Shedir Pharma is among the brightest companies in the Italian pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical landscapes.

We are based in Piano di Sorrento in Southern Italy, and we are Distributors/Market Authorization Holders of Food Supplements, Cosmetics, Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Products. Overall, we have more than 280 products divided over seven different lines.

Our portfolio covers a very broad range of therapeutic areas: Energizing & Metabolic, Gastrointestinal, Liver Health, Ophthalmic, Otological, Neurological, Osteoarticular & Bone Health, Phlebotonic, Dermatological, Weight Control & Draining, Multivitaminic, Oral Cavity, Urological & Kidney, Gynecological, Inflammatory, Respiratory System, Cardiovascular, Skincare & Trichological Products, Insect Repellent, Sun Care Products, Inflammation & Pain, Andrological and Antimicrobial.

Among these products, we also have some patented ones: first of all, Refluward®, our patented and certified completely natural gastroprotectant. Also in the gastrological area we have Medargan® Flato and Medargan® Plus, created to help with flatulence and meteorism, respectively. Further, our Urological area includes four patented products: Forprost® 400 Beta, Forprost® 400 Flogo, Utimac® 60 Capsules & Utimac® 60 Sachets; the first two are aimed at fighting prostate-related conditions, while the other two are designed to fight cystitis and urinary infections. Finally, we have Flubexin® A Iso and Flubexin® A 3 that, with their innovative focus on Icelandic Moss help with clearing the upper respiratory airways.

Our commitment is aimed to all qualified operators in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors; our specialists study the formulation of the products and control their development step by step in order to make sure that all of our products comply to the highest standards. Speaking of standards, we are ISO 9001 and 13485 certified and all of our toll manufacturers are European GMP certified.  

Currently, we are active in over 25 countries all over the world. Of course, our aim is to spread our products and our values as far as possible on all 5 Continents and that is why Shedir Pharma is looking for strategic partners as Distributors for our products.

Welcome to Shedir Pharma’s Constellation.


Via Bagnulo 95 Piano di Sorrento
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