Omega-3 Products VFA 2019

    Complete Plant based Vegan OMEGA 3 EPA & DHA. Alternative to Fish oil, derived from marine algae. Supports Brain,Heart,Immunity,Joints and Eye Health. Formulated in Vegetarian soft gels/ VEGE Softgels.
  • AlgaRED (Vegan Krill Oil)
    AlgaRED is a “vegan” krill oil powder from algae rich in DHA, EPA, and astaxanthin. The fundamental of AlgaRED is that its omega-3s are coated with amphotropic matrix, whereas krill oil is exposured to the air. This distinction has different implications of water-solubility, bioavailability, and application.
  • Single Dose Omega-3 Oil
    Sustainable and traceable omega-3 oil with superior sensory profile in convenient single dose packagin
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