Tasting Centre Products VFA 2019

  • >Your< Good Night Syrup
    Supporting natural relaxation and sleep through clinically proven, patented ingredient Qnight. Away from typical commodity products to a natural, safe and scientifically supported solution. Private label, ready to launch product, proven on several markets.
  • >Your< Iron Forte Liquid
    35 mg of highly bioavailable microencapsulated iron per dosage and no metallic taste. Superior iron source for proven higher absorption and significantly diminished chance of side effects. Users and doctors notice the change. Private label, ready to launch product.
  • Aloe Vera Pomegranate Drink
    Pomegranate juice drink with Aloe Vera gel concentrate (Beauty skin recipe) The pomegranate juice drink was formulated specifically with Aloe Vera gel concentrate 60,000 mg equivalent for brightening, improving elasticity
  • AstaMed MyoBite
    AstaMed MyoBite is a functional chocolate fortified with protein and astaxanthin for maintaining muscle health and mobility. It is developed as a product concept to address age-related muscle loss (also known as sarcopenia) which is becoming increasingly prevalent in APAC's ageing population.
  • AstaMed plus
    AstaMed plus is an astaxanthin-infused soy drink. By combining high soy protein content with astaxanthin's clinically proven benefits, AstaMed plus offers wholesome nutritional support for muscle health and mobility in seniors. It is specially formulated to help address the increasing prevalence of age-related muscle loss (sarcopenia) in APAC's ageing population.
  • Barley Shoot Jelly
    Barley shoots extract is for anti-hangover. It has been scientifically approved and has clinical data that it can improve alcohol-degrading enzymes and liver function.
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