Tasting Centre Products VFA 2019

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  • Caffeine No-Sugar Gummy V
    *25mg of active natural caffeine which gives you a tasty energy boost throughout the day *Low calories and vegan *Strawberry, raspberry and cherry flavor – others upon request
  • Collagen Beauty Shot
    Boost your beauty from within with our collagen beauty shot: a clinical study proved that the oral intake of 10g SOLUGEL® significantly improves the moisturizing effects, skin elasticity and firmness after 56 days. Our beauty drink with bioactive SOLUGEL® collagen peptides offers you the natural solution for skin aging.
  • Curcumin C3 Power� Liquid
    Sabinsa's Curcumin C3 Power™ Liquid is a ready-for-market adoption-and-launch formulation containing 500mg of Curcumin C3 Complex® (95% curcuminoids) and 2.5mg BioPerine® (95% Piperine) per 1 tablespoon (15ml) serving. Consume undiluted or mixed with favorite cold juice, shake or water.
  • Curcumin Drink Mix
    It is a stick of water soluble powder, a sample product to show the characteristics of HydroCurcumin. Total weight is 2 gram composed of HydroCurcumin 100mg(50mg as curcumin) and other food materials. It is orange flavored so it can be directly taken or put into water for drinking.
  • Curcushine�
    Lipofoods CurcushineTM with sphere microencapsulation has superior curcumin absorption and high solubility when dissolved in water. It is completely solubilized in water. 1. Microencapsulated technology developed by Sphera encapsulation 2. Superior bioavailability- last for 8 hours 3. 100% water soluble 4. Enzyme and PH sensible 5. Odorless and tasteless
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