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  • Superzest Energy Tonic
    Superzest Energy Tonic is a highly concentrated energy syrup that gives you 4 times the energy compared to normal energy drinks.
  • Salmon Omega-3 Chewables
    Extra virgin salmon oil, made from premium salmon from arctic waters in Lofoten, Norway. Chewables are great for young children and elderly, and has a refreshing citrus flavor. A great way to supplement your diet with omega-3, 6 and vitamin A and E. 60 Chewables, 500 mg
  • Six Senses Lungs Pro Lozenge
    Lungs Pro Lozenge consist of Lonicerae Flos, Mulberry Leaf, Grosvenor’s Momordica, Glycyrrhizae Radix, Cordyceps Militaris, Menthae Herba. It helps to sooth the throat, detoxification and increase resistance to harmful organisms
  • SoothMe
    SoothMe is a protein drink containing AstaReal® natural astaxanthin with clinically proven ability to reduce physical and mental fatigue. Combined with the stress management efficacy of -casozepine from Lactium® protein, SoothMe is a perfect recipe for professionals and busy mums to help them better manage their hectic lifestyle, maintain work performance and improve sleep quality.
  • Sport Gel with ACTI’MASK Sweet
    High glucose sports gels for fast recovery are usually extremely sweet and not to every athletes taste! But now with ACTI’MASK Sweet by Metarom France, athletes can get the fast recovery they need with a tasty and savory peanut flavour. ACTI’MASK Sweet reduces the sweet perception by 75% to adjust to the customers preferences and relieve that « too sweet » sensation. At Metarom France we offer choice to athletes though our masking range.
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